That’s it, I’m not playing anymore

Posted: 25/08/2013 in Barrister, Civil Rights
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I’ve never been a good spectator and I’ve never been a great athlete, the result is that I’m not the biggest fan of ‘sport’. Don’t get me wrong, I like international football and watch rugby and cricket, I’ll even throw a rugby ball about, or knock a few tennis balls about, but for me, that’s the extent of its impact on my life.

For some people, sport is much more important – fine, each to their own.

But I have to be honest, ‘sport’ and I use that big term, is annoying me at the moment. Not individual sports, but sport.

Sport is annoying me because it wants so much, but not really any responsibility.

Funding sport

Again, that big term, ‘sport’. And in this Country we have Sport England. Sport England have two roles, (1) they act a sort of statutory guardian for England’s playing fields, (2) they hand out money.

The money handed out, is not only money from the lottery, it is also money from the taxpayer. And, I don’t worry about it, sport is good for the economic well being of the nation and its physical health.


If you’ve got my money

Then, I object to it being spent to send athletes to a country where gay people are marginalised and brutalised.

After the Prime Minister has indicated that there will be no general boycott of the Russian Winter Olympics in Sochi, supported by Lord Coe.

Lord Coe who apparently said of boycotts: “They only damage one group of people and that is the athletes,”

The Winter Olympics give prominence, economic benefit and prestige to any country that hosts them. I do not believe that we, as a country, should financially support athletes who wish to participate in those games. Participation in those games is a form of endorsement of Russia.

My taxes ought not be spent endorsing homophobia.

The idea

is that sport and Government, or sport and society are somehow separate. That is why FIFA have got away for so long with allowing racism in football. It’s rubbish.

If sport wants Government money then it ought to stick by Government policy. And one would hope that Government policy is not: homophobia is fine. Rather instead, that we ought to strive for all forms of equality.

Sport has to start playing by the rules.


  1. Riley Frost says:

    Stop sensationalising. You are not funding homophobia, you are funding a platform for the LGBT community to make their voice heard, for the world the stand up and listen and for the world to come together in the most powerful show of solidarity, something i’ve commented on here:

  2. Paysan says:

    I’m in agreement with the tenor of your comment on sports.
    I recall an incident in a restaurant in my old home town of Bedford where I was dining with friends in the run up to the London Olympics. The waiter informed us all that, with our permission, he would add a 10% surcharge on the bill “to support local athletes in their endeavors”. My friends were in full support but I objected; it was only a few days since a Daily Telegraph article had alleged that Paula Radcliffe, also from Bedford after whom the athletics’ stadium is named, was living in Monaco for tax reasons.
    The odd thing was no one else could see anything wrong with this.

  3. Bystander says:

    Yes, I agree. I am old enough to remember my rage at the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia, and the useless nature of boycotts and protests. We need to recognise the nature of modern Russia- a barely sanitised version of the old one. But moral force is all we have. As Stalin said, how manybdivisions has thr Pope?

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