The blogger, the barrister, about

The Court radiator is stuck. I’m sweating in my wig. I’ve caught my third reserve gown on another piece of Court furniture. My client has come back from lunch drunk. The Judge is scowling at me. I finish work. I microwave a Tesco finest. I work out how much the Government owes me in fees. I work out how much I owe the Government in various taxes. On Friday night I drink with my mates who work in the city, they earn double than me, but I try to be double as interesting.

I am the guy who represents your friends or family when they’re accused of an offence. I am the guy who takes the police to Court when they do wrong. I am the guy who challenges the prisons on behalf of the inmates. More recently, I am the guy who tries to stop you going to another country to be tried.

  1. Fantastic Blog sir! Subscribing instantly!

  2. Roy Durrands says:

    I’d really like to contact this barrister who’s not afraid to challenge the authorities and protect the innocent. I’m also the victim of injustice in Suffolk and complain about corruption in the police and PSD here. Please help me clear my name and expose this corruption in the police.

    • RID says:

      I bet you would Roy….but Barristers like 2 things:
      1. To be treated with respect (and not shat on by potty mouths like you
      2. To be paid money for their professional services…and as you’re broke…is unlikely to happen

      A real wordsmith like you should be perfectly capable of handling your own defense…

  3. Justin Philips says:

    Good morning. I was DJ Justin Philips and recently read your kind ‘Obit’ in April last year. I am sorry it took me so long-I retired on health grounds after many satisfying years on the Bench. I think the description of your drug offender that made me go balistic was ‘clean’. I am living in Jerusalem & enjoying life. Thank you for your kindness. Justin.

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